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Complex treatment of hemangiomas in children with application of diode laser

Hemangiomas of skin and mucous are frequent benign vascular malformations rating up to 50 % of soft tissue tumours in children. Despite of benign nature, hemangiomas have features of malignant clinical course. Our Center has got the experience of treatment of more than 1500 children with various kinds of hemangiomas. Even tiny and small vascular tumours in newborns can express vigorous growth, quite often reaching big sizes! Only 6,7 % of simple hemangiomas of the small sizes placed on "closed" sites of the body regress spontaneously, only in the full-term children of one year and older!

Fig.1. The unfavourable clinical course of hemangioma without treatment

Hemangioma at the birth

Hemangioma 1 month after

Expectancies for spontaneous regress can be unsound, and the loss of time is obviously not good for the patient!

The surgical clinic of Chelyabinsk Municipal Hospital 1 has experience of treatment more than 1500 children with hemangiomas of different types. We use various methods for hemangiomas treatment: cryodestruction, local and systemic hormone application, treatment with interferon preparations, surgery and diode laser.

Laser was applied both as an independent method, and in combination with local and systemic hormones, interferon preparations and surgicical excision in 80 patients. The excellent or good result has been received in 94,3 % of patients. The coagulation of hemangioma with the help of diode laser allowed to keep surrounding tissues and hair growth for scalp hemangioma uninjured, and to obtain gentle cicatrix looking similar to untreated skin. A crust formed after laser treatment of hemangioma is dry, dense and painless. All this facilitates the care of the child that is especially important for localization of a tumour in "wet" places (perineum).

Laser treatment of hemangiomas

Before operation

Just after operations

In 3 weeks after operation

Treatment of an extensive cavernous hemangioma of a forearm

The part of hemangioma after laser treatment of skin

Treatment of cavernous hemangioma

Initial hemangioma

After preliminary laser treatment of skin

In 3 months after treatment

In 6 months after treatment

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