Near-infrared laser treatment of complicated hemangiomas in children: ten-year clinical experience

Abushkin I.A., Privalov V.A., Lappa A.V.

Photonic Therapeutics and Diagnostics VII: Proceedings of SPIE; Nikiforos Kollias et al.; Eds.; 2011. Vol. 7883. P.

Results of application of low invasive laser technology (developed by authors: Proc. SPIE 5863, 107-115 (2005), Russian Federation patent No.2290228 of.27.12.06) to treatment of hemangiomas in children are presented and analyzed in this work. From 2001 the technology was applied to about 1500 children with more than 2000 hemangiomas. Majority of them were complicated ones: belong to cavernous or combined types or (and) were localized on problem places: on face near eyes, nose, and lips, on auricles, on perineum near anus and genitals, in respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. Diode laser with wavelength 920, 970, and 1060 nm at distant and interstitial irradiation were applied. In case of need there applied endoscopes. Excellent and good results have been achieved in 94% cases; there was a significant improvement in the rest cases.