Laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy in treatment of recurrent nodular goiter and thyroid cancer.

Seliverstov O.V., Privalov V.A., Lappa A.V., Demidov A.K., Faizrakhmanov A.B., Yarovoy N.N.

Laser-Tissue Interactions, Therapeutic Applications, and Photodynamic Therapy: Proceedings of SPIE; R.Birngruber; H. van den Bergh; Eds. 2001. Vol. 4433. P. 174-179.

Laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy was performed in 29 patients with recurrent nodular and multinodular goiter, and in 3 patients with recurrent inoperable thyroid cancer. There were used transcutaneous puncture under ultrasonic control, diode lasers with wavelength 805, 980, and 1060 nm, quartz monofibers, special computerized thermometer with microthermocouples. Disappearance or significant reduction of nodes in the most goiter cases, and regress of tumor in the cancer cases were marked during observation period (0.5 - 2.5 years).