A new computer code for calculation of radiation and heat fields in laser-irradiated tissues

Lappa A.V., Anikina A.S., Kamalov V.A.

"Laser-Tissue Interaction XI: Photochemical, Photothermal, and Photomechanical": Proceedings of SPIE; D.D. Duncan, J.O. Hollinger, S.L. Jacques; Eds.; 2000. Vol. 3914. P. 502-511.

A non-stationary two-dimensional computer program to investigate radiation and thermal effects in heterogeneous biological tissues irradiated with laser is presented.
In the optical part of the program the standard set of radiation characteristics are calculated: energy flux density, absorbed dose and so on. The analog and advanced non-analog Monte Carlo methods to resolve the radiation transport equation are used.
In the thermal part of the program the temperature fields from thermal sources determined at the optical step are calculated. Combination of the Galerkin and the finite element methods to resolve the non-stationary heat equation under different initial and boundary conditions are used.