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Privalov Vladimir Alekseevich

Doctor of Medicine, professor, Head of General Surgery Chair of CSMA, Co-chairman of Interuniversity Medico-physical Center, Physician of High Category, Winner of "«Man of the Year» (in Russian)" competition («Scientific work» nomination), Chelyabinsk 2002.

V.A. Privalov is the member of managing committee of Russian Endocrinological Society, President of Surgery Association of Chelyabinsk Region, Vice-president of Regional Endocrinology Society. He is the member of Academic Council of South-Ural Scientific Center RAMS, Full Member of Pirogov Surgical Association, chairmen of certifying surgery commission. For some years V.A. Privalov had been the member of presidium of Regional Committee of Medical Trade-Union, the Chairmen of State examination committee, member of certifying and accreditation committee of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation and expert for certifying of medical institute graduates attestation.

V.A. Privalov is the author of more than 250 papers and 8 patents for new medical technologies. Under his supervision, 3 Doctor theses and 13 PhD theses were defended, the results of investigations in the field of surgical endocrinology, oncology, contaminated surgery, proctology, laser surgery were summarized.

Scientific activity

Development of sparing laser surgery methods. The method of Laser Interstitial Thermotherapy of nodular thyroid was named among the most significant scientific results in Russia and marked in the report of RAMS presidium and Academic Council bureau of Ministry of Health in 2001.


Abushkin Ivan Alekseevich

Doctor of Medical Science, professor of General Surgery Chair of CSMA, Physician of High Category, Head of Child Surgery Department of State Municipal Hospital ¹1, Main Child Surgeon of Chelyabinsk, Winner of Best Physician competition («Best Surgeon» nomination), Chelyabinsk 2002.

Doctor of Medicine thesis: "Improvement of diagnostic and treatment results of purulent inflammatory diseases and purulent postoperative complications in children".

Author of 2 patents and more than 125 papers.


  • Treatment of hemangiomas, telangiectasias, port-wine stains and other vascular malformations in children and adults with laser technologies.
  • Surgery of newborns.
  • Abdominal pediatric surgery.
  • Thoracal pediatric surgery.
  • Contaminated surgery in children.
  • Laser ablation of benign skin tumors (nevus, papilloma, etc).

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    Seliverstov Oleg Vasilevich

    Doctor of Medical Science, professor of General Surgery Chair of CSMA, Physician of High Category, Alternate Head of Emergent Surgery Department of State Municipal Hospital ¹1.

    Doctor of Medicine thesis: "Development and improvement of treatment methods for postoperative recurrent goiter".

    Author of 2 patents and more than 130 papers.


  • Surgical endocrinology.
  • Low-invasive thyroid surgery.
  • Abdominal surgery.
  • Laparoscopic and low-invasive surgery of cholelithiasis.

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    Krochek Igor Victorovich

    PhD, Physician of High Category, Head of Contaminated Surgery and Proctology Department of State Municipal Hospital ¹1, «The Best Physician of the Hospital», 2001 (nomination «Best Surgeon»).

    PhD thesis: «Early diagnostics, active surgical tactic and immunocorrection in children with acute hematogenic osteomyelitis» Now he is completing Doctor of Medicine thesis «High-intensive laser in treatment of acute and different forms of chronic osteomyelitis».

    Author of 4 patents, 8 innovations and 37 papers.


  • Oncology and Oncoproctology.
  • Proctology.
  • Laser surgery of inflammation diseases of osseous system.
  • Laser surgery of benign skin tumors, telangiectasias.
  • Abdominal surgery.
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