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Hemangiomas in children

Hemangiomas of skin and mucous are frequent benign vascular malformations rating up to 50 % of soft tissue tumours in children. Despite of benign nature, hemangiomas have features of malignant clinical course. Our Center has got the experience of treatment of more than 1500 children with various kinds of hemangiomas.

Benign thyroid neoplasms

According to the World Health Organization data, the diseases of thyroid gland are registered in 10-15 % of the World population. In Russia more than 1 000 000 patients are affected. The Ural region is one of the most unfavorable. Most of these diseases are associated with the iodine deficiency. The most obvious manifestation of the iodine deficiency is endemic goiter. It is a predisposing factor for development of many thyroid diseases, including nodules and cancer. In our Center the new method of laser interstitial thermotherapy of thyroid nodal lesions under the ultrasonic control is developed.

Osteal panaritium

Osteal panaritium is a purulent inflammation in the bone tissue of a finger. Patients with osteal panaritium and its complications rate up to 18% of outpatient surgery. In 1.3% of cases an amputation of finger is performed. In our Center the new effective method of laser osteoperforation for treatment of these patients has been developed.


Остеомиелит – Osteomyelitis is an infectious inflammation affecting bone marrow and then elements of bone tissue of one or several bones. According to the World Health Organization data (1999) osteomyelitis rates up to 7% among the musculoskeletal deseases, frequently leading to disability. Scientists of the Center developed and introduced into clinical practice new low-traumatic treatment for acute hematogenous and chronic osteomyelitis with laser surgery.

Malignant tumours

Cancer affects about 8 million people in the world annually, and over 5 million die from this illness. Photodynamic therapy gradually became one of the basic methods of cancer treatment, along with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. The method is based on property of tumor tissues to accumulate certain light-absorbing drugs (photosensitizers) in greater degree, than surrounding healthy tissues. Photosensitizers cause photoreactions in biological tissues irradiated with light of a certain wavelength.
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